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May 8 —10

Discover new tricks and secrets about JavaScript, design, UX, cloud computing, databases, big data, Internet of things, Web application security and hybrid Web development that will get you excited. Interact with your fellow programmers, attend hands-on workshops, experience Osijek and don't forget to party.

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Speaker sessions (May 9—10)

  • Speech Douglas Crockford

    Paypal / USA

    Douglas Crockford

    Keynote speech

  • Speech Harry Roberts

    CSSWizardry / UK

    Harry Roberts

    What Is A CSS Framework Anyway?

  • Speech Stefan Armbruster

    Neo Technology / Germany

    Stefan Armbruster

    Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j / Extending Neo4j

  • Speech Zoltán Németh

    Ustream / Hungary

    Zoltán Németh

    Building and controlling our own CDN

  • Speech Martin Naumann

    Centralway AG / Switzerland

    Martin Naumann

    How to do user-testing without going bankrupt

  • Speech Jef Claes

    Euricom / Belgium

    Jef Claes

    What if we stored events instead of state?

  • Speech Attila Szegedi


    Attila Szegedi

    Limits of Complexity in Computation

  • Speech Rob Ashton

    Freelance / England

    Rob Ashton

    Lessons learned building a database in Clojure

  • Speech Hugo Hamon

    SensioLabs / France

    Hugo Hamon

    Web Application Development with Symfony2

  • Speech Andrew Davey


    Andrew Davey

    JavaScript: The Great Parts

  • Speech Andrew Davey

    Genesis Mining / Germany

    Marco Krohn

    From Bitcoin to Altcoin and back again

  • Speech Janko Jovanović

    Microsoft / Croatia

    Tomislav Tipurić

    Open Source technologies on Windows Azure

  • Speech Anton Caceres

    Skoobe / Germany

    Anton Caceres

    Building asynchronous backends for agile web-apps

  • Speech Ivan Pavić

    King ICT / Zagreb

    Ivan Pavić

    Claim-based authentication for developers

  • Speech Igor Djerman

    Leversys / Serbia

    Igor Đerman

    EF Code First Technology Update

  • Speech Ratko Ćosić

    Ekobit / Croatia

    Ratko Ćosić

    Interactive JavaScript applications using SignalR & SPA

  • Speech Hrvoje Hudoletnjak

    Fortempo / Croatia

    Hrvoje Hudoletnjak

    From business to data layer using Entity Framework & DDD

  • Speech Toni Petrina

    Ekobit / Croatia

    Toni Petrina

    Awesome stuff with Roslyn

  • Speech Jure Mijić

    Lemax / Croatia

    Jure Mijić

    ASP.NET application performance monitoring and optimization

  • Speech Lovro Nola

    Machina / Croatia

    Lovro Nola

    Indie game dev incubation

Workshops (May 8)

  • Workshop Hrvoje Hudoletnjak & Igor Rončević

    Fortempo / Croatia

    Hrvoje Hudoletnjak & Igor Rončević

    Intro for developing modern .NET apps using EF, MVC, WebApi & AngularJs

  • Workshop Responsive design

    Osijek / Croatia

    Inchoo & Mono

    Beyond the screen size: Responsive Web Design — Developing mobile first & content first responsive applications

  • Workshop Claes & Jansenns


    Jef Claes & Tom Janssens

    Event storming

  • Workshop Josip Franjković

    Pyxio / Croatia

    Josip Franjković

    Common web vulnerabilities

  • Workshop Lovro Nola

    Machina / Croatia

    Lovro Nola

    The Game Idea: market validating game design ideas

TGG Xtras (May 8—10)

  • TGG xtras Hrvoje Horvatek

    Ironward / Croatia

    Hrvoje Horvatek

    The Red Solstice

  • TGG xtras Dalibor Mesarić

    Astronomical society Osijek / Croatia

    Dalibor Mesarić

    Seeing the invisible

  • TGG xtras The Bambi Molesters


    The Bambi Molesters

Pioneers Unplugged (May 9)

  • Pioneers Unplugged

    Pioneers Unplugged Osijek

    Pioneers Unplugged is an evening full of tech talks and networking with entrepreneurs, coders, builders and other troublemakers. Get INSPIRED by local and regional pioneers. Become EMPOWERED. Meet and CONNECT with local and international entrepreneurs, startups and investors. We show you the opportunities, we give you the tools and the network. Now pioneer!

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April 14th — May 9th, 2014


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The Geek Gathering will be held in the new modern conference center Oculus, and Kappa business center close by. Both locations are located in the city center, a three minute walk to the Osijek's main city square.

Track 1 & social zone: Oculus

Ulica Hrvatske Republike 37, Osijek

Track 2: Kappa business center

Ulica Hrvatske Republike 29, Osijek

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Geek Fun&games!

Gigabytes of fun stuff&activities

To achieve perfect work/leisure balance at this year's conference, we have prepared gigabytes of fun stuff and activities for you to enjoy while taking a break from soaking up the knowledge.

  • Retrogaming

    In between and after the lectures find your way to our special retrogaming room and travel back to where it all started. Be sure to check out the video games from the 90s in our timetable and participate in TGG retrogaming tournaments with prizes and all!

    You don't need a conference pass to take part in TGG retrogaming – it's free and it's open to everyone who is interested. All it takes is having a true gamer's passion.

    Retrogaming is not complete without retro music, so we will be playing oldies to make the atmosphere even more authentic.

  • Live Concert — The Bambi Molesters

    The Geek Gathering is a conference that appreciates fine music and its atmospheric importance, which is why we are happy to announce this year's TGG performers: The Bambi Molesters! With their recognizable sound, the Bambi Molesters have managed to spread the word that surf rock is not dead! Garage punk, spacey psychedelia instrumentals and spaghetti western mixed in their energetic performance create an unforgettable experience you don't want to miss.

    The Bambi Molesters official website

  • Party all the way to the last day of TGG

    To ensure relaxation after intensive learning sessions, we are planning awesome afterparties and dancing hours throughout the three days of the conference.

  • Free usage of bicycles

    All participants will have free access to bicycles, so you will be able to take a ride and explore Osijek and its surroundings independently and at your own pace.

  • Free Refreshments

    When you gather individuals with such great thirst for knowledge, people tend to become thirsty. There will be plenty of refreshments for you at The Geek Gathering. And don't worry, the drinks are on us!

  • WiFi all around

    Free WiFi will be available for all participants.

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